Hohner Crossover

Amaury has been using the MS Series by Hohner for his diatonic harps for their repleacable reedplates. He recently turned towards the Crossover model which indivual reeds replacement abilities, and a perfect waterproofin, response and sound with their bamboo combs.

Hohner ACE 48

The ACE 48 Hohner chromatic harmonica was a great discovery for Amaury, because it offers an excellent  trade-off between the great playability of the CX-12s and the deep sound of more classical chromatics like the Toots Thielemans models.

Collings OM2H


Collings guitars are made like the first Martin's, with a rare quality of realisation. Exceptionnals handworking and choosing of woods give fantastic guitars, very dynamic, powerful and light.


This OM has  powerful medium frequencies which make it a Ferrarri for solos and single note playing.

Collings C10


This C10 is a compromise, because it is a model that excels everywhere, in solos as well as in rythm, with a pick as well as fingers.

Collings D3


Yves plays with a D2 dreadnought  with an adirondack top, a guitar with very powerful low frequencies and precise highs.

This guitar has the real Steinway class for rythms and open chords.

Gibson L5


A 1947 L5 for a more vintage sound, very medium, where it is needed. In mint state and with a beautiful sunburst !


This guitar is able to sound jazzy of course, but also very root-like when we use the acoustic sound that comes out or it.

Neumann KMS 105


Amaury uses this microphone for singing and harmonica on stage. It is one of the most neutral and natural you can find, in terms of sound as well as dynamics. The high frequencies are very present without being agressive, which is necessary for harmonica.

K&K Sound Trinity Pro System


This amplification system for acoustic guitars is a excellent trade-off. The three pickups glued very precisely under the bridge give the low frequencies and dynamics, and the omnidirectionnal electret microphone in the body brings what is missing in terms of space and reverberation.

Elixir Phosphore Bronze


These guitar strings have a special wound against oxidizing that allow us to make several shwos with the same strings, which is are revolution in the world of acoustic guitar playing ! The sound of this Phosphor Bronze is also a bit softer and the finger noises a little bit attenuated than with classic steel strings.

Capodastre G7TH


At last a capo that allows you not to retune when you put it, and when you remove it. It can also be installed with one hand, which is convenient when you hold a harmonica in the other hand !

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