Radio show and live recording at the Blues Café Live


Animated by Francis Rateau and Cédric Verne, the Blues Café Live of January 10th 2019 is dedicated to Sarah James and Amaury Faivre Duo. It is a one hour public recording with live tracks and interviews in-between.

The vernissage will be a Vully Blues Club event


The vernissage of the album Crazy Old Man will take place in Vully, Switzerland, on February 23rd. The Vully Blues Club makes available the beautiful caveau Ziörjen à Praz for a set of presentation of the album vfollowed by a free aperitif and a jam session.

Radio show on France Bleu Besançon


The duo will be in the France Bleu Besançon studios on December 1st to present the brand new album, in the radio show ça vaut le détour, animated at 5pm Monday to Friday by Marie-Ange Pinelli and Thierry Emme.

Album release and new website


Crazy Old Man is out ! 11 original titles, written by Amaury Faivre and Letty Girardet, plus 1 cover, with an acoustic sound and an orchestration very true to the stage performances of Amaury Faivre Duo. The release is paired with a new full website in the colors of the album.


Track list :

Hell On Wheels

Crazy Old Man

My Neighbor

Yearned For You


Sunny Side Walk

Playing Tricks On You

You Just Can't Go Wrong

Catch As Catch Can

On A Hill

It's Time For Me

Far From Home

The album is sent for mastering, graphics signed by Benjamin Staubitz


After almost one month of mixing, the album is finally sent for mastering to the excellent Steve Corrao from the Sage Audio Mastering studio in Nashville. Graphics are given to Benjamin Staubitz and the keyword is sobriety.









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