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The website and Michael Limnios publish an interview of Amaury Faivre in English, with very deep questions in particular about the meaning of blues in the actual society.

"What do you learn about yourself from the Blues people and culture ? What does the blues mean to you ?

The blues is singular for its multiple meanings. Of course, it is a genre of music, but also a feeling, a culture, a sound, a shuffle rhythm, a six notes scale and a 12-bar musical structure, as long as a color !

Working around the blues, it can have for me any of these aspects depending on the occasion, but the particular one that appeals to me is improvisation. Not only improvisation as a nice guitar solo in the middle of a song, but as a global state of mind. The person who sings the blues is not just singing but telling a story, and this means that he has to enter in real communication with the people he is telling it to. And this communication, this dialogue is made possible through improvisation, which is the ability to feel and hear what is really going on right now. And this is both the hardest and the simplest thing to do, and it teaches me a lot about myself. So, I honestly learn a lot more about myself from practicing the blues than from the blues people and culture." (...)

4th place at the European Blues challenge 2018





On March 16th and 17th, 2018 takes place in Hell (Norway) the 8th European Blues Challenge. 21 bands most of European countries. After a set in which time was a bit short, the duo stayed on the podium for a long time, but the ranking changed on the last minute, and it rejoins the 4th place ! Some performances  were remarkable, such as the ones from Slim Butler (Finland), Vitor Bacalhau (Portugal), and of course the winners, who came from the Netherlands in a minivan, The Ragtime Rumours !

Semi-finals of the International Blues Challenge 2018





The duo flies to Memphis for the 34th IBC, or International Blues Challenge, from Jan. 16th to 20th. 260 bands from all over the world animate the famous Beale Street clubs. The duo seizes the occasion to record a series of videos in the Ditty TV studios, and participates to two showcases in addition to the IBC sets. After two successful selections, Amaury et Yves manage to obtain a place in the semi-finals, but won't rejoin the final, shared by only 10 bands and 10 solos/duos. The winners are Keeshea Pratt Band in the Band category, and Kevin “B.F.” Burt in the Solo/Duo category.

3 tracks EP release





As a prequel to the album, Amaury Faivre releases today a 3 tracks free promotional EP, broadcasted on Soundcloud and YouTube.

He records You Just Can't Go Wrong, Playing Tricks On You and Hip Girl in versions orchestrated with double bass, percussions and keyboards.

Personnel :

Amaury Faivre ; vocals, harmonica, guitar, composition, production

Julien Compagne ; percussions

Sébastien Vaivrand ; keyboards

Jean-Baptiste Buisson ; double bass

Yves Staubitz ; production, mixing

Interview in the magazine La Tête Dans Le Public





Here during the Sem le blues festival on September 29th, Pascal Merlin and the team of the monthly magazine La Tête Dans Le Public publishes an interview from Amaury Faivre Duo.

"LTDP : How do you move from jazz guitar studies to the blues ?

Amaury : As I started playing harmonica first, I alway played blues, and then I learned guitar. I needed to understand the link between all American kinds of music. It is through jazz harmony that I established this link. I use this harmony filter when listening to music and also in the way I play, one can hear I studied jazz.

LTDP : You play as a duo and with a full band, which do you prefer ?

Yves : Amaury prefers the duo because the acoustic guitar playing is really pushed forward. I used to play electric only, I had passed 30 years with an electric guitar, and now it's been 5 years with the acoustic thanks to Amaury, and I can't say which I prefer, I would they complement each other, they are similar instruments but which a completely different approach. In the band there is inertia and when you want to change the atmosphere, it takes some time, while in duo it is very immediate." (...)

Participation to the 34e IBC





Amaury Faivre Duo will represent Switzerland in Memphis during the International Blues Challenge Januray 16th to 20th. They obtained this opportunity by winning the Swiss Blues Challenge.









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