Amaury Faivre Duo is composed of Amaury Faivre, singer, guitar and harmonica player, and Yves Staubitz who plays guitar as well. The founded an electric blues band after meeting in a jam in Geneva in 2009, and then the acoustic duo  came in 2013.


They win the Swiss Blues Challenge 2017 and fly to represent Switzerland at the International Blues Challenge in January 2018 in Memphis where they were semi-finalists, and came back from the European Blues Challenge 2018 in Norway with a beautiful 4th place.


Following on a rich and promising season on beautiful stages, they released their first album "Crazy Old Man" which presents originals titles at the frontiers of blues, jazz and folk, with a pure and acoustic sound, warm and sincere, in a Keb’Mo or Eric Bibb spirit.


The duo manages to conciliate freedom of jazz and emotion of blues. A unique mastership of harmonica, a ten years old collusion and real improvisation talents give them the opportunity to offer an intense and upsetting act.

Amaury Faivre, in 25 years of career,  stepped on more than 700 stages, in a dozen of countries and 3 different continents.


He blows for the first time in his father’s harmonica at the age of 8. This funny instrument never left him, and he naturally started playing the music of the blues pioneers. This is how, in the great years of the Spice Girls, the 2 Be 3 and John Scatman, he enjoys, in the bus on the way to school, listening to artists like Robert Johnson, Mississippi Fred McDowell or John Lee Hooker...


He makes a life-changing meeting with Denis Naegely and the MJC de Palente in Besançon (France), where a very young generation of talented musician learn and practice jazz. The understanding of its beautiful and complex harmony will make him a great improviser.  He starts playing guitar and singing, and most of all playing chromatic harmonica which has been a key element to his musical personality ever since.


The Prix du Public at the JMF Challenge in Paris in 2001 with the duet White & Blues with Sylvain Dubrez propels him in the professional world and he rapidly starts gigging with blues bands, French artists and jazz bands.


After a bachelor in musicology at University of Besançon, Amaury heads for Canada to study jazz guitar at University of Montreal, when he works as a sound engineer as well. He comes back to Europe transformed and full of ambitions. He moves to Geneva and meets Yves Staubitz with whom he creates Amaury Faivre & the Broken Harps. Three years it is obvious to them that their paths will lead them to acoustic guitars and composition, with a brand new project, the Amaury Faivre Duo.

Yves Staubitz starts learning music at 13 after he admires his older brother on stage with a bass guitar.


After a few lessons with Christian Graf, one of the best teacher in Geneva, he starts a long self-educated journey. Studies in woodworking and lutherie complete his  practice with a deep understanding of the different materials a guitar made of.


Passioned by the blues and electric guitar, he expresses 20 years long his emotive and generous temper through his love for solos and improvisation. He's influenced by people like Buddy Guy or Larry Carlton, and of course by the great Stevie Ray.


Finding Amaury was a real musical meeting. One of these meetings you don't let unchecked. Approaching 50, his acoustic guitar gets out of the closet and dives with him in the folk-blues adventure of Amaury and his harp, definitely a move in the right direction !

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