Full interview on blues.gr


The website blues.gr and Michael Limnios publish an interview of Amaury Faivre in English, with very deep questions in particular about the meaning of blues in the actual society.

"What do you learn about yourself from the Blues people and culture ? What does the blues mean to you ?

The blues is singular for its multiple meanings. Of course, it is a genre of music, but also a feeling, a culture, a sound, a shuffle rhythm, a six notes scale and a 12-bar musical structure, as long as a color !

Working around the blues, it can have for me any of these aspects depending on the occasion, but the particular one that appeals to me is improvisation. Not only improvisation as a nice guitar solo in the middle of a song, but as a global state of mind. The person who sings the blues is not just singing but telling a story, and this means that he has to enter in real communication with the people he is telling it to. And this communication, this dialogue is made possible through improvisation, which is the ability to feel and hear what is really going on right now. And this is both the hardest and the simplest thing to do, and it teaches me a lot about myself. So, I honestly learn a lot more about myself from practicing the blues than from the blues people and culture." (...)

Live videos in Ditty TV, Memphis


During its stay in the US for the 34th International Blues Challenge, the duo is invited on January 16th in the famous Ditty TV studios in Memphis to record a set of 7 live videos. The duo is enchanted by such a quality of work, image and sound, as well as by the team's availability, reliability and efficiency.

Summer tour dates announcement


Here are the concert dates for the summer to come :

May 22nd : Baden Blues Festival, Baden (Switzerland)

Jun. 16th : Saônorités Festival, Saône (25, France)

Jun. 22nd : Fête de la Musique in Geneva (Switzerland), Parc des Bastions

Jun. 29th : Summerblues Festival, Basel (Switzerland), for the Swiss Blues Challenge 2018 finale

Jul. 4th-5th : Sierre Blues Festival, Sierre (Switzerland)

Jul. 6th : Gena Festival, Avully (Switzerland)

Jul. 11th : Magic Blues Festival, Vallemaggia (Switzerland)

Jul. 13th-14th : Cahors Blues Festival, Cahors (46, France)

Jul. 21st : les Estivales du Pré la Rose, Montbéliard (25, France)

Series of 3 interviews by the Swiss Blues Society


The Swiss Blues Society, organizer of the Swiss Blues Challenge, organizes in the person of its director, blues fan and photograph, Christophe Losberger, a series of three interviews with the duo, after each of the challenges the duo went through, the Swiss Blues Challenge in Basel on Jun. 2017, the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in Jan. 2018 and at last the European Blues Challenge in Hell (Norway) in Mar. 2018, to develop all the aspects of these three levels of competitions, and what the duo will keep as personal and musical experiences.

Album recording


Amaury Faivre Duo's first album will be recorded in Studio Du Four in Vulbens. This studio created by Amaury Faivre has been especially built for recording acoustic musics. The duo locks up in it for the end of summer to prepare an album that will count a dozen tracks with a vast majority of original songs.









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